In 2024 we celebrate Teleste’s 70th anniversary!

Teleste has been providing equipment and technologies for video networks since 1954 and it is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki since 1999.

The company was founded on two principles: customer understanding and quality, and we have been well known for tenacious Finnish engineering skills from the very beginning. As our customers’ needs, technologies and the world around have changed, so have we. Here you can take a sneak peek into some of the steps from alongside our journey.

Building smart, safe and smooth everyday life

  • 1950’s
    Teleste was founded by Olavi Ahonen in Turku, Finland. In its early years the company was a pioneer of aerial and audio technology.
  • 1960’s
    Customers learned to trust Teleste’s expertise and selected them to be their supplier when they started supplying comprehensive systems instead of just manufacturing products.
  • 1970’s
    Teleste put particular emphasis on creating avenues for exports, and cable television entered the scene. Responding to customer needs with the highest quality products enabled us to grow with our customers.
  • 1980’s
    Teleste became one of the leading suppliers of AM and FM fibre optic transmission systems in Europe.
  • 1990’s
    Continuing our traditions, Teleste was one of the industry forerunners developing solutions for the world that started to gradually change to digital from analogue.
  • 2000’s
    Teleste was a pioneering player in the video industry, launching IP network products and solutions.
  • 2010’s
    Digitalisation transformed industries at increasing speed. Teleste introduced its Intelligent Networks and Situational Awareness technologies that help our customers utilise the new opportunities.
  • 2020’s
    Teleste continues developing increasingly smart technologies that are used to enable high-speed connectivity, and improve operational efficiency and safety.

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