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NEW: S-ARRIVE passenger information software!

Teleste S-ARRIVE® is a product-based software solution designed for the easy and reliable delivery of passenger information on-board. With the software, you can ensure that the right information is readily available and easily accessible for the passengers when they need it. Whether in a visual format or a public address, intercommunication or infotainment, the information flow is always real-time and uninterrupted.

The S-ARRIVE software is based on a modular architecture that meets the rail industry standards and customer requirements. You can choose the modules that meet your service requirements. As requirements change, new modules can be easily added to your S-ARRIVE solution, and old modules can also be replaced.

S-ARRIVE 1.0 is released

S-ARRIVE® 1.0 software is now available!

S-ARRIVE® 1.0 software is now available, together with comprehensive documentation, for public transport operators whose objective is to provide real-time passenger information to their passengers effectively and easily. Read more!

S-ARRIVE functionalities

Teleste S-ARRIVE: Your top FAQs answered

Find answers to some of the questions our customers most commonly ask related to our S-ARRIVE® on-board passenger information software. We hope they help you increase understanding of the software’s purpose and its adaptability to your needs!

Other on-board systems

Our on-board solutions have been developed during the course of several years in close collaboration with international rolling stock manufacturers and railway operators. With more than 3500 railway vehicles in commercial service in more than 20 countries, the system technology is proven and mature.

  • Close customer collaboration: our solution is developed in close collaboration with our partners and customers. Combined with wide experience, our high-quality risk management and transparency guarantee that you can feel safe with us.
  • Consistent high quality: All our products and systems are subjected to thorough testing and a validation process to ensure that they match your industry expectations and offer the best value for your investment.
  • Standard and project-specific HW and SW products: Our offering covers a comprehensive selection of standard hardware and software products. In addition, the products can be customized to meet your project and vehicle-specific needs.
  • Railway-proof and standardised: Our high quality is conformed to the railway industry standard ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS) , as well as the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. In addition, our solution fulfills requirements for fire and smoke, RAMS and obsolescence management among others.