Teleste ultrawide display

Our family of on-board displays offers you versatile display options for various needs. Based on modern display technologies, the displays are designed for accurate information sharing and excellent readability of content in 24/7 on-board use.

  • TFT LCD displays for sharing information with superior readability and railway-proof design
  • Monochrome LED displays providing an excellent solution when readability of text-only content must be maximized
  • Full colour RGB LED displays for sharing your content in full colour with high brightness

Key benefits

Versatile display options for various needs

Our on-board displays include display types in several different sizes, including monitors, open-cell displays, and flush-mounted displays. Both single- and double-sided options are available with several different mechanical integration options. The product family also includes interactive touch screen displays.

Railway-proof design

Our displays are designed to meet the requirements of the railway environment, and they fulfil even the strictest quality requirements such as EN 50155 and fire and smoke standards.

Advanced thermal management

Our advanced thermal management solutions ensure device operation even in extreme temperatures in the range of -25 °C up to +70 °C.

Intelligent diagnostics

Intelligent diagnostics monitors display operations in real time, and the information can be used for preventive maintenance to ensure constant operation of the device.

Low life-cycle costs

With our displays, significant savings can be achieved in life-cycle costs of the display due to low initial investment and high quality. The display design is based on high-quality industrial level components.

Standard interfaces and seamless integration

Our display front-end software provides an easy and configurable integration to other Teleste sub-systems, such as automated passenger information, automated passenger counting, infotainment and communication.

Teleste On-board solutions

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With our on-board solution and its subsystems, you can provide easier and safer journey for passengers on the move.